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In everyday business life we gain lot of business through our clients and sometimes lose out on business. So the most important affecting factors are business and our clients.

Many companies do not afford time and money to build a proper system to keep in touch with their potential visitors or clients. Whozzat offers you a business oriented people networking solutions. Through Whozzat we wish to create a platform to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business.

So do not lose out on any potential business opportunity keep your clients warm, no matter your business is big or small; Whozzat works for well for every company. If you have website, try this for Free!

Website owners can join whozzat by verifying their ownership of website.

We have two editions of this part.

Standard edition

  • Facility to send Free SMS to India
  • Add potential visitors and let them know what you are upto
  • Follow other websites which matter you most
  • Inform existing visitors to follow you on whozzat
  • Keep in touch with every potential client for years
  • Enables live chat feature on your website. Any visitor using live chat will be added to your contact list.
  • If you are offline, auto suggestions are provided for the questions asked. The suggestions are saved on your database advertisement free page
  • Many more features are under construction to make user-companies platform interactive

Premium edition

  • All of the Above plus Premium Features
  • Facility to send SMS to all your contacts at one go
  • Facility to send Email to all your contacts at one go
  • Whozzat allows to you to make product suggestions to relevant whozzat users
  • Url branding
  • Whozzat has the option of customizing options to your needs
  • 24*7 Phone/Email/chat support enabled

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