• June 27, 2013

Who Are Proficient Accountants in Accounting

Proficient Accountants in Accounting

Accountants’ Salaries Rise to Highest Levels in 24 Years Being an accountant is a high profile job after all. Looking back from the recession times in 2007, growth graph is …
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  • April 13, 2013

Our love-letter to innovation


In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it becomes important to keep introducing something fresh in the market; otherwise the creations would be lost in the crowd of existing products. So …
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  • April 9, 2013

Why you will not need an accountant this season?

Why you will not need an accountant this season1

There are a lot of things going on this year and with the emergence of online accounting, the reasons to get away with the age-old desktop accounting software have increased. …
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  • March 30, 2013

5 things that will certainly give an edge to your business

5 things that will give an edge to your business

In the world of growing competition where technology is getting advanced with each passing minute, it becomes difficult to promise something to your customers which you will not be able …
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  • March 26, 2013

Lessons you should learn before some mishap occurs

Lessons you should learn before some mishap occurs

It is in the nature of humans to keep ignoring minor issues till they take the shape of something big, and something major occurs because of them. Exact is the …
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  • March 22, 2013

Go cloudy for a better change!


The whole world has gone tech-savvy. Internet is the place where everyone is present. When it comes to managing things in bulk, we talk about the ease of technology. But …
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  • March 19, 2013

Simplicity is this season’s mantra to prosperity!


How about solving: (z2-z3) ^2 = 4(z3-z1) (z1-z2) sin^2 alpha/2 Or, ((3x^2 – 27)/4) * ((8x^2)/ (9 – 3x)) / ((x^2 + 3x)/6) Looks complicated, right? In today’s age of …
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  • March 15, 2013

Buck up and fix your accounting errors

Who said that bad or no accounting alone can result in mismanagement of your business records? Things can take an ugly shape even if a few errors occur at the …
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  • March 12, 2013

Give your accounts a better costume this time!

Give your accounts a better costume this time

Who said that costumes are meant for humans alone? Well, as long as accounting exists, there is a need for it to have a proper costume too. How about giving …
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  • March 8, 2013

5 Areas where you might accidentally commit mistake this year

5 areas you might accidentally commit a mistake this year

A large number of things are needed to be taken care of in the business, especially when the business is in its growth stage and things are shifting shape drastically. …
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